Insulated Series Door


The Insulated Series is a premium sectional door specifically designed and manufactured to be truly thermally insulated. These doors are like a sandwich panel with a layer of steel on the outside, a solid polyurethane core in the middle then another layer of steel on the inside. Insulating your home against the elements keeps the heat out in summer and the cold out in winter. These doors are available in smooth, embossed and woodgrain finish.

All our doors come packaged with an Auto Opener, 2 x remotes & 1 x wireless wall switch in which we have a range of model options to suit your needs.

There are 4 great exterior profile options to choose from, which are:

  • Flat Smooth
  • Flat Embossed
  • Ribline
  • Classic


Why Insulated Doors?

Double skin polyurethane filled door panels insulate your home from the harshest NZ weather conditions and transform your garage into a warm versatile space. With a clean white back they help brighten up your garage and also provide noise reduction.
These doors provide thermal properties that even a single skin door with insulation retro-fittted in the back just can't offer.

By installing an insulated sectional door you're effectively increasing the usable space in your home by the size of your garage. Add some carpet and your garage is no longer a cold void but is transformed into a multi use space.
Other features you will love is the whisper quiet operation and the industries best interior finish!

Key Features:

  • Excellent thermal rating
  • Double skinned
  • Solid construction and quiet operation
  • Ultra quiet motors with belt drive
  • Full surround weather seal system
  • Highest quality coatings


The unique PUR insulation core is the most thermally efficient insulation product available, being 50% more efficient than polystyrene (EPS). It also contains no harmful CFC's or HFC's.

There are many "insulated" doors available but only these are double skinned. They ensure you are protected against the elements both during summer and winter. The panels are made of solid construction and have an excellent R-Value.

Seal System

Our insulated sectional doors have an architrave like full weatherseal surround system that significantly reduces drafts and dust into your garage.

Window Panels

These are made with perspex material with options of clear, grey tint or sandblasted finish.

Custom Colours

These panels are coated with a multi-layer protective coating that provides extra protection against New Zealand's harsh conditions. Industrial coatings by P.P.G mean we can match the colour to almost anything you like making this the obvious choice for your garage door and at a similar price to single skin doors.